Workforce and Career Development

  • Creative industry sector initiatives and services aligned with Federal WIOA principles and the workforce needs of private, public and non-profit entities.
  • Innovative career pathway strategies to connect demand occupations with individuals of all ages and abilities in the obtainment of sustainable employment opportunites.
  • Customized training and apprenticeship programs designed to address the employment needs of industries, and create a skilled workforce pipeline to strengthen incumbent workers through workforce training grants and programs.
  • Youth and young adult contextualized workplace experiences through interactive programming, apprenticeship initiatives, events, training and counseling services.
  • Grant writing and fundraising to support the implementation of workforce development programs, services, resources and initiatives.

Economic and Community Development

  • Business district revitalization strategies and management services to stimulate economic activity through infrastructure/streetscape improvements, business attraction and retention, creative branding & marketing, small business empowerment and interactive events.
  • Effective administration of Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funding to foster and support economic growth through business district revitalization, small business loans, counseling services, façade improvements, entrepreneurial training and coalition building.
  • Strategic planning and customer relation management integration services to align programs and resources with an organizations' mission, objectives and values to address the needs of constituents, partners and stakeholders.
  • Branding and Marketing to support projects, organizations, initiatives, business districts and geographic regions – including the creation of effective messaging, logo’s, brochures, social media platforms, websites, video's and customer relation strategies.
  • Create, design and develop new non-profit entities through strategic visioning, business planning, corporate identification, leadership development and organization set-up.
  • Fundraising and capital campaigns to support initiatives, projects and organizations through grant writing, events, memberships, sponsorships and direct donations.
  • Project management and administration to support the development and accessibility for affordable housing through first time home buyer initiatives, advocacy and creative production strategies.

Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development

  • Entrepreneurial development and business start-up services to bring ideas to fruition through business planning, financing and budget development, site location, permitting & licensing, space build-out oversight, marketing and operation management.
  • Design and administration of incubator and co-working spaces to support start-up and early phase companies - attracting economic and business investment within a community.
  • Design and implement business start-up training programs, mentoring initiatives and strategic advisory boards to support businesses from start-up through early growth and expansion.
  • Needs assessments and gaps analysis to determine the barriers and opportunities in establishing new business ventures and entreprenuerial initiaitves.
  • Integration and alignment of customer relationship management systems (CRM) to enhance the customer experience, build sales and improve team member collaboration and communication.

Executive Administration and Project Management

  • Executive level administration for non-profit, public and private sector organizations including program management, strategic planning, staff oversight, grant administration and budget guidance.
  • Specialized project management and oversight including design, development, planning, capital identification, marketing and overall implementation.
  • Strategic Planning to guide an organization, business district or geographic region in the development of goals and objectives which align with a consensus generated vision and a clearly defined mission.
  • Branding and marketing designed to support specific projects, organizations, initiatives, business areas and geographic regions – including the creation of messaging, logo’s, marketing brochures, social media platforms, websites, video's and customer relations strategies.
  • Coordination, alignment and administration of multiple teams to support a common goal, initiative objective and overall organization mission.
  • Fundraising and capital campaigns to support initiatives, projects and organizations through grant writing, interactive events, membership development, creative sponsorships and direct donations.
  • Facilitation of community outreach and advocacy initiatives to support the goals, objectives and programs of organizations, communities or geographic regions.
  • Integration and alignment of customer relationship management systems (CRM) to enhance the customer experience, build sales and improve communication and collaboration among team members.

Agriculture and Food Based Sector Strategies and Administration

  • Administrative support for plant-based production facilities including grant writing, purchasing, production monitoring and staff integration.
  • Executive writing and editing services to support locally sourced food products in an overall objective to promote and support a local eco-system and green industry opportunities.
  • Grant writing to support captial improvements, production expansion and the energy efficiency of commercial operations.
  • Marketing, branding and social media campaigns to support locally sourced operations, venues, events and initiatives.

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